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Memberships and Associations

NRA Patriot Life Endowment Member #154359

NRA Recruiter # XI041641

Life Member United Stated Practical Shooting Assn #CL-141

Former USPSA Area Director, Area 1 and Rangemaster Instructor

Rangemaster at 5 USPSA National Championships

Life Member Cowboy Fast Draw Association # L6346

USCCA CCW & Home Defense Instructor #29713

Defender Member CCW Safe

Legacy Life Member Front Sight Training Center

The Ammo Factory LLC specializes in firearms safety instruction for both handguns, and rifles, modern and Muzzleloading.


Classes offered include:

* CCW for Lyon County, and State of Nevada. 

* United States Concealed Carry Association Courses

* Basic Firearms Safety   Handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun.

* Advanced concealed carry techniques.

* Approved Instructor, Nevada Sheriff and Chief's Association.

Classroom portion of class can be held at your home for 2 or more students (6 max for basic class) 6 students, Or at my home classroom in Fernley Nevada.

You'll never know how well you can shoot until you get proper equipment, and training.

In a defensive encounter, under Stress,  you will NEVER RISE TO THE OCCASION   You will SINK TO THE LEVEL OF YOUR TRAINING   




Credit Cards Accepted,

Visa, MasterCard, Discover 

PayPal, Venmo, PORTAL 

There are embedded QR payment codes on the Sceduled Classes Page next to the class schedule

All prices include a $20.00 fee for the cost of training materials//books/handouts. 

NRA Personal Ptotection Outside the Home (16 hours)    $200.00

NRA Personal Protection In the Home (9 Hours)              $150.00

Basic Firearms Safety Handgun    $125.00 1 student (Private instruction) $100.00 each 2 - 4 students

Basic Firearms Safety Rifle           $75.00

Nevada Initial CCW 8 hour             $125.00

Nevada Renewal  CCW  4 hour       $75.00

Including Range qualification.

8 hour Private Instruction                  $250.00

Law Enforcement (LEOSA) Title 18 USC

Retired Peace Officers Qual.               $10.00


Adults taking the Basic Safety course who have children aged 3 to 12,  EDDIE EAGLE safety training is included to teach them gun safety. Ages 12-17 may attend and receive a certificate of safety training for $5.00/child (to cover cost of training materials). I am committed to responsible gun ownership and safety.

To view my next scheduled classes, go to the Class Schedule Page. Other classes are also available. Call or email for details.


Instructors Qualifications

My name is Ken Slack. I started  The Ammo Factory  in 1981 to support my shooting habit because I couldn't find ammunition loaded the way I wanted it for practice and competition.  I have been an NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor since 1981 and a Charter Life Member # CL-141 in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA/IPSC).  I served as Section Coordinator for IPSC in Nevada from 1983-1988, and was elected to the USPSA Board of Directors for Area 1 for the States of WA, ID, OR, ID, UT, NV, and MT from 1986-1990. I became a Certified Range Officer in 1982, a Chief Range Officer in 1983 and Rangemaster/Instructor in 1985.I served as Range Master of the USPSA National Championships for 5 years, Chief Range Officer at the 1986 World Championships Orlando, Florida. International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) USPSA Rangemaster/Instructors are responsible for teaching firearms safety, rules of competition, and safe range construction to Chief Range Officers and Range Officers. I personally instructed more than 2000 RO and CRO students and supervised them at the various matches around the country. Recognized as Class A competitor Nationally and Master Class Locally. I was the Co-Founder Sierra Nevada Pistol League, and Reno Combat Shooting Association. I was elected Rangemaster from 1982-1989.1986-1990 Area 1 Championships each year as Match Director 1986 Northwestern Area Championships Rangemaster/Match Director  

I am a US Navy/Viet Nam veteran and additionally served in the Nevada Air National Guard for 7 years at the rank of  E6 Tech Sergeant in the capacity of Law Enforcement Asst. Flight Chief and Training NCO.

I qualified as EXPERT with numerous firearms including: .38 cal Revolver, .223 M16, M60 

I have been a firearms enthusiast and competitor since the age of 10 when I was a member of the Pasadena Rotary Junior Rifle Club. Since that time I have been involved with all flavors of shooting. I am a member of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association and past member of  Lakes Crossing Muzzleloaders. I have competed in Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, I.P.S.C. United States Practical Shooting Association, Steel Challenge, Miller Invitational, PPC, Cowboy Fast Draw, and more.




Associates Degree in Administration of Justice

Nevada Sheriff's & Chief's Association Certified Concealed Carry Instructor

Licensed in Lyon county 


NRA Certified Instructor #154359 for:

 CCW, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home


USCCA Certified Instructor #29713 for:

 Concealed Carry & Home Defense





8/2004     Use of Force, Liability & Litagation   24 Hrs

12/2005   NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Shotgun Instructor's Course. 44 Hrs

5/2007     NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home 16 Hrs

5/2008     TASER ® International Instructors Course X26  M26 24 Hrs

7/2010     NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home  24 Hrs

3/2012     Bulletproofing the Mind  Lt. Col Dave Grossman  8 Hours

7/6/2019  NRA CCW Course

11/16-17/2019 NRA CCW Instructors Course  16 Hours

9/8-9/2022  USCCA Concealed Carry & Home defense Instructor Course

Contact Information

To arrange a class or get further information please call me at


Certified Instructor

NRA Certified in CCW, Personal Protection Outside and Inside the home, Basic Pistol, Rifle #154359

USCCA Certified Instructor #29713   Concealed Carry & Home Defense



Former California Dept. of Justice Certified Firearms Instructor