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We sell high quality TASER® Brand Name X26c and C2, handguns, rifles, and shotguns, and can provide you with high quality ammunition to fit your needs. All types available.

We have access to a wide range of accessories at a reasonable price to insure that you get VALUE for your shooting dollars.

Some of our products are listed on this page.

Firearms may be picked up in Reno at the shop (NV residents only) or if you have a dealer in your area that is willing to receive a firearm for you, contact me for transfer information.

All local, state, and federal laws are strictly adhered to.

NOTE: TASER®  Electronic Control Devices (ECD) are classified by ATF as NON-FIREARMS.

TASER® is a registered trademark of TASER International


TASER® X26c Holster $78.00

X26c Civilian Model TASER®


TASER® C2 $299.00


Defensive Carry Ammunition

It is my considered opinion that in matters where your life might be at stake, you should carry the best FRESH factory ammunition made for defensive purposes. Ammunition, like most other items are degraded by wide fluctuations in temperature, such as we have here in northern Nevada. It is my recommendation that about every 6 months, you should buy fresh ammo, and take the retired ammo to the range and PRACTICE with it. Make sure that your sights are right on using the defense ammo. If you're like most people, you shoot light loads to practice and then load with your defense ammo. Now is the time to find out how your gun handles and where your bullets will hit. At 3:00AM with someone climbing through your window or breaking down your door is no time to learn. In my experience, and MY choice for all of my carry ammo is CorBon. It is one of the most consistant loads that I have tested with excellent ballistics and expansion.

See my price list below for the CorBon that best suits your needs.



TASER® C2 Cartridges, Four Pack w/Practice Target


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